he independent market continues to prosper. The strategy of making films in well-established genres has been shown time and time again to be an effective one. Although there is no boilerplate for making a successful film, the film's probability of success is increased with a strong story, and then the right elements—the right director and cast and other creative people involved.

We feel that we have indentify a base market hungry for more and a new approach to drama/comedy and dance in this case Argentine Tango. We will expose our statements with comparable film charts.

As we been explaining, in the past few years, there has been a resurgence of independent filmmaking, independent distributors are growing in size and number. The specialty film market has also been growing. All across de US are individual, independently owned theatres that maintain their own mailing lists of faithful moviegoers.

The Tango in the US and in the world has been spreading all over the globe as communities that get together to dance during the week and weekends. There are at least 1000 communities dedicated to tango Dancing only in the US. These members are also faithful, passionate and hungry for Tango material all over this years. Uniting this two elements, Impendent Theatres and Tango Communities all over the world, a film made for $1,000,000.00 or less can create a huge base or mass volume to cover costs and generate profit, at the same time attracting audience for word of mouth.

“Glorias del Tango” is a dramatic/comedy that occurs in the Tango world. Is the perfect combination of drama, love and dance. Shot in Argentina, the Paris of South America. The Tango world decorates the story with intrigue and enormous sensuality.

In terms of demography we are targeting movie goers between 25 and 60 years old.

Argentine Tango
The Argentine Tango Dance has music has exploded in the last 15 years. It has captured the worlds attention, generating thousands of people to dance, travel and enjoy this new lifestyle for some of them and a passion for others or a merely social activity to do during the week. Without being planned, the dance spread all over the globe by the creation of communities who get together to dance under the supervision of a teacher/instructor.

Tango Festivals emerged as result of this beautiful dance. People attend them to learn and dance and meet other people from other cities. The evolution has been exponentially great. In 1998 there were between 10 and 20 Tango Festivals all over the world. By 2011the amount of Festivals were 165.

Plan to reach this Market
The Argentine Tango aficionado will be an important main market and a generator of mouth to mouth for the movie “Glorias del Tango”. Through the Internet and specific networking tools this mass of people could be reached at a very affordable cost, following the same path as the traditional promotion does for the regular tango events during the year, such as Festivals, Workshops, Tours, Lectures etc... There has been a big wait for another Tango based or related movie for the last 10 years. We will explain this in the following pages.

The movie is planned to be shot in Argentina, the Tango Mecca in the world. We are sharing some important information about the Tango in Argentina and the world. The numbers we are showing are based on a published paper in 2007. Even it is from 2007, that interest for is it is been growing and adding new players such as China and India (India in early stages).

Tango Numbers
- $130,000,000.00 annually generates the Tango business in Buenos Aires (dinner shows, lessons, clothing, gear, Cds) This represents the 10% of the commercial activity of the city.
- $3 billon dollars is the volume all over the world for the same activities.
- 3,500,000.00 people are Tango aficionados in the world.
- In 2006, 1,300,000.00 people experienced Tango Shows in Argentina, generating $65,000,000.00 for the industry.
- $12,000,000.00 is the Book, Souvenirs and Art Tango related market.
- $4,000,000.00 is the Tango Music sales (CDs) (This does not include music rights).
- $17,500,000.00 is the Tango lessons and Tango Tours market in Buenos Aires.
- 80 are the Tango related FM/AM radio shows in Buenos Aires.
- 75% of the Tango Shows attendance is a tourist visitor to Buenos Aires City.
- 300,000 persons enjoyed the World Tango Championship.
- 300 Milongas are open during the week in Buenos Aires.
- 150,000 people regulary take tango lessons in Buenos Aires.
- 1000 Tango Communities function in the US.
- 167 Tango Festivals were held in the whole world.

Tango Numbers (source Jorge Marchini, Economist, Observatorio de Industrias Culturales de Bs As 2007)